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Mary Swartzendruber, CD(DONA)
Labor and Birth Doula
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About me:

Hi! My name is Mary Swartzendruber.  My wonderful husband, our son, and I live in the beautiful area of Colorado Springs, CO.  I began my Birth Doula journey in 2018, though my love for moms and birth began years before.  While attending a birth the Spring of 2018, my heart grew more in love for being with families through their journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Shortly after, I became trained and certified as a birth doula through DONA International.   

My passion is to give quality and respectful care so that you and your partner feel safe, loved, supported, and educated on decisions made during your pregnancy through the birth of your baby.  As your doula, I can offer you evidence-based information to help you make informed decisions; physical and emotional support during your pregnancy and birthing time; and will help refer you to any other professional support needed in your pregnancy and immediate postpartum.  ​

In my free time you can find me spending quality time with my family, hiking Colorado's beautiful trails, reading, sewing, knitting, or crocheting.

Research shows that women who use a birth doula are:

  • Less likely to need Pitocin.

  • Less likely to have a cesarean birth.

  • Less likely to use any pain medication.

  • More likely to rate their childbirth experience positively.

  • More likely to have shorter births. 

As your birth doula I will provide:
  • Initial Consultation.

  • Two prenatal visits.  

  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout pregnancy.

  • On-call from 38 weeks until your birth.

  • Attend labor + birth, including initially after birth until you're settled.

  • Postpartum visit. 


$950 due at the second prenatal meeting.  If finances are a concern for you, please let me know so we can work out a payment plan.  

As your birth doula, I won't:
  • Perform any clinical tasks, such as checking blood pressure, vaginal exams, and fetal heart checks.

  • Replace the role of your partner.  Your partner knows you, and I know birth.  Together we can become a team to best serve you.

  • Take your voice or press any of my own opinions on you and your own birth experience.  I am for you and your dream birth.

  • Speak to the staff on your behalf, or make decisions for you.  I will inform you if there is a departure from your birth plan, discuss any concerns with you, and suggest options which you and your partner can discuss with your clinical staff. 


Have questions or

want to know more?

Phone: 563-593-3039


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